Yes, I judge a book by its cover but how much would I miss if I never read it? Beauty in the crevices of life are like the pages of the book, deep and life changing. So I build layers of color, texture and light to shape my Faces.

A multicolored palette is as integral to my process as brushes and canvas. It takes on a life of its own. The brushstrokes map a texture narrative; abstracted connections of beliefs and experiences. Working in paint has satisfied me until recently. The addition of thread has added a visceral layer of texture and resurfaces lost artisan ways.  

My Faces have detectable features but continually push for abstraction, blurring the outward appearance with the inward soul. The ultimate purpose of my work is to connect our raw human experience; to see our lives as more similar than different. In creating relationship without judgement we can authentically share the hard parts of our journey and celebrate our breakthroughs together. Each one of my Faces is uniquely shaped on canvas and in life. Just by looking we can see that our differences make us the same.


While visiting the Okanagan come and view my work face to Face in my Kelowna studio.


“Dreams come true in technicolor when you pull the vision inside of you all the way out.”