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You are not alone! The deep desire to create lurks and swirls inside of all people. We are all creatives. The dream of effortlessly gliding your hands across a surface where thoughts and feelings visually manifest in perfect unity is possible! People do it and so will you! Creativity School exists to give you power, skill & knowledge in who you are as a creative…

...created to create!






Believe that inside you lies a universe of thoughts and ideas that are uniquely yours! There are more thoughts about you than sand on the seashore. You are not meant to recreate or repeat what has been done; you are meant to create new things!

The practice and process of making, of creating, cannot be passed over. As a painter I’m cheating myself if I pretend that because I put paint on canvas I have arrived. You cannot arrive with a journey.

“Art speaks where words are unable to explain” - Degas

And then you must be brave. No man has created from his own unique essence without first being terrified. You must be brave. And you must create. The essence that is uniquely yours holds a message that the world

“Creativity takes courage” - Matisse



Creativity school launches online fall 2019. You will learn the practice of creating in full color. If you’re willing to begin the journey, this process will touch every part of your life.